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    AAO Meeting

    Hello Everyone, I hope your Fall term has been off to a great start! First off, if you have any new monocular perception instructors at your institution that I did not reach the first time, please let me know so that I can invite them to this group. Second, I hope to cross paths with you at the upcoming AAO meeting and would love to see/meet you. ...

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    Masking demo

    Dear Colleagues, As you may know teaching masking (i.e part of temporal vision), is fairly difficult since temporal phenomena really need good demonstrations for students to visualize the concept. To that end, I am wondering what demonstrations/resources you use? I have not found any good/easily accessible demos showing masking. Thank you for your ...

  • Hi all, Can you help me resolve this question/issue when teaching dark adaptation? Statement 1: Per the Schwartz book, the rods don't become more sensitive than cones (i.e. the rod-cone break) when ~90% of the rhodopsin is regenerated (i.e. 10% bleached). I teach out of the Norton book, which I don't think says this, but I still teach this statement. ...

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  • Deadline Reminder: 2023 Nominations for ASCO Achievement Awards

    This is a friendly reminder that the deadline to submit nominations for the various 2023 ASCO awards is this Friday, January 13.

    The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry is now accepting nominations for the various achievement awards that will be presented at the ASCO Annual Business Meeting in June 2023. Below you will find a list of the various awards with a brief description of each.

    All submissions require the following to be considered by the Awards & Resolutions Committee:

    • Letter of nomination, based on the award criteria
    • copy of the nominee’s CV
    • optional supporting documentation which should be sent by the nominating individual.

    A link has been provided to the ASCO website where you will find past recipients for all ASCO awards, https://optometriceducation.org/awards-and-grants-opportunities/ This information may assist you when considering nominations.


    Lifetime Achievement Award

    The ASCO Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding individual who, over an extended period of time, provided exceptional leadership, made outstanding contributions and displayed exemplary commitment and dedication to ASCO and optometric education. This award is given “for unique and exceptional accomplishments and contributions to ASCO and optometric education.”

    The award is not necessarily an annual award or tied directly to retirements.

    Herbert Wertheim Award

    This award recognizes remarkable individuals or organizations that have accomplished high-impact, ground-breaking, and innovative programs or initiatives, and contributed substantially, or have the potential to sustainably address, eye and vision health and/or the social determinants of eye health and vision care, at the local, national, or global level.


    Dr. Jack Bennett Innovation in Optometric Education Award

    The Dr. Jack Bennett Innovation in Optometric Education Award was established in March 2000 as the “Innovation in Optometric Education Award" to recognize an ASCO volunteer for outstanding leadership or an outstanding innovation in optometric education that significantly impacts ASCO as an organization. The award was named in Dr. Jack Bennett’s honor in June 2000. Dr. Bennett, a creative leader in optometric education, was dean at three optometric institutions. 

    Rising Star Award

    This award recognizes a full-time faculty member or administrator with no more than seven years of service at a school or college of optometry and less than 10 years in optometry who has made noteworthy contribution(s) to fulfilling the mission, strategic objectives or programs of ASCO through service on committees, groups, task forces or special interest groups or through special project work.

    Nominees will have also demonstrated outstanding contributions to their school or college of optometry in at least one of the following areas:

    • Teaching, which may include classroom, laboratory instruction or course development
    • Scholarship, which may include grant writing, research, publications, presentations or other scholarly and creative activities
    • Administration, which may include general administration, planning, development or evaluation activities
    • Professional service, which may include work on the community, state or national levels that represents or promotes ASCO or optometric education.

    A majority of all nominees’ professional career should be as a faculty member or administrator at a school or college of optometry.


    Industry Leadership Award

    The ASCO Ophthalmic Industry Leadership Award recognizes an individual from a current or past Corporate Contributor partner company who demonstrates exemplary support of ASCO and its member institutions. The individual serves as an example for his/her colleagues in industry and has made exceptional and meaningful contributions to the advancement of ASCO and optometric education. Nominations will only be accepted from the ASCO Board of Directors and ASCO staff.  


    Nominations should be submitted by close of business on Friday, January 13, 2023. Please email your nomination letter with supporting materials to slau@opted.org.


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