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  • Hi again everyone, I was just thinking about how many of us do a dark adaption lab and what you use. For sure it is hard thing to do in a portable way. Like Susana said in the meeting, at one time at Berkeley we actually had about 4 Goldmann-Weekers dark adaptometers and would run it using those. There is now the AdaptDx, but of course that would be ...

  • Hi everyone, So far the forum topics have been pretty broad topics and they are good points of discussion. I wanted to ask a more specific one that hopefully you can help me with. For the NBEO Part I, Motion perception: "1. Factors involved in the detection of real and apparent motion, detection of displacements" "3. Dynamic visual acuity, Visual ...

  • Hi everyone, It was great seeing many of you on the call today with Dan and Susana. It is such a great resource for teaching labs and even in lectures. I wanted to start this discussion thread to follow-up on the prior post, survey data gathered, and email post with regard to the Vision Aging SIG work on compentencies/objectives that Lei Liu has brought ...

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    Remote lab methods

    Hello everyone! I'm sure you got the email below from Dan Coates. I just wanted to post it here for archival purposes and make sure you can find it easily down the road. Thanks to Dan and Susana for working this event for us and others! Jason

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  • Call for Nominations for ASCO Achievement Awards

    The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry is now accepting nominations for the various achievement awards that will be presented at the ASCO Annual Leadership Luncheon in June 2021.  

    How to Nominate a Candidate

    Nominations for any of the awards listed below require a letter of nomination addressing how the candidate meets the specific criteria for the award. Nominations must also include a letter signed by the chief executive officer (dean/president) of the candidate’s school/college of optometry, as well as with a copy of the nominee’s CV. All nominations will be reviewed by ASCO’s Awards and Resolutions Committee.

    Nominations should be submitted by close of business on Friday, January 15, 2021. Please email your nomination letter with supporting materials to Sara Lau at slau@opted.org.

    Lifetime Achievement Award

    The ASCO Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding individual who, over an extended period of time, provided exceptional leadership, made outstanding contributions and displayed exemplary commitment and dedication to ASCO and optometric education. This award is given “for unique and exceptional accomplishments and contributions to ASCO and optometric education.”

    The award is not necessarily an annual award or tied directly to retirements.

    Dr. Jack Bennett Innovation in Optometric Education Award

    The Dr. Jack Bennett Innovation in Optometric Education Award was established in March 2000 as the “Innovation in Optometric Education Award" to recognize an ASCO volunteer for outstanding leadership or an outstanding innovation in optometric education that significantly impacts ASCO as an organization. The award was named in Dr. Jack Bennett’s honor in June 2000. Dr. Bennett, a creative leader in optometric education, was dean at three optometric institutions. 

    Rising Star Award

    This award recognizes a full-time faculty member or administrator with no more than seven years of service at a school or college of optometry and less than 10 years in optometry who has made noteworthy contribution(s) to fulfilling the mission, strategic objectives or programs of ASCO through service on committees, groups, task forces or special interest groups or through special project work.

    Nominees will have also demonstrated outstanding contributions to their school or college of optometry in at least one of the following areas:

    • Teaching, which may include classroom, laboratory instruction or course development
    • Scholarship, which may include grant writing, research, publications, presentations or other scholarly and creative activities
    • Administration, which may include general administration, planning, development or evaluation activities
    • Professional service, which may include work on the community, state or national levels that represents or promotes ASCO or optometric education.

    A majority of all nominees’ professional career should be as a faculty member or administrator at a school or college of optometry.

    A contribution of $1,000 will be made to the faculty member’s or administrator’s institution designated for the recipient’s faculty and/or professional development. A commemorative award will also be presented to the “Rising Star” at the ASCO Annual Leadership Luncheon.

    Industry Leadership Award

    The ASCO Ophthalmic Industry Leadership Award recognizes an individual from a current or past Corporate Contributor partner company who demonstrates exemplary support of ASCO and its member institutions. 

    The individual serves as an example for his/her colleagues in industry and has made exceptional and meaningful contributions to the advancement of ASCO and optometric education. 

    Nominations will only be accepted from the ASCO Board of Directors and ASCO staff.  

    For More Information

    Contact Sara Lau, ASCO’s Business Operations Manager at slau@opted.org, for additional information.

  • ASCO OCEF 2020 Now Online for Viewing

    Hello, If you missed the 2020 Online Clinical Educators Forum earlier this month, it is now available online on ASCO's YouTube Channel: 


    Happy viewing.
  • Online Clinical Educators Forum - November 6

    The 2020 Online Clinical Educators Forum (OCEF), sponsored by the ASCO Clinical Affairs Committee, is happening soon. This FREE of charge program offers several unique and impactful sessions. Here is the date, time, and registration link:

    2020 Online Clinical Educators Forum
    Friday, November 6, 1:30-4:30 p.m. ET

    OCEF 2020 is the perfect opportunity to shift the focus away from COVID-19 and explore some timely clinical topics of interest. The recorded presentations will each be followed by a live question and answer session. As in years past, the Forum will be fully recorded and made available on ASCO’s website for later viewing. Please consider attending. If you'd like a copy of the program, please let me know -- I'm at cbrubaker@opted.org.

    Carol Brubaker
    Manager, Professional Affairs, ASCO
  • Link for Academy Special Diversity Symposium Thursday


    Here is the LINK to the ASCO/AAO/NOA Special Symposium on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion slated for this Thursday from 1-3 p.m. Eastern Time at Academy 2020. It is free and open to everyone -- registrants and non-registrants. We hope to see you there! [Questions? Contact Academy 2020 At Home.]


    Be well,
    Carol Brubaker, ASCO
  • A Message to ASCO Members

    A Message to ASCO Members

    We are living in difficult times, and this last week has been the most difficult of all. The Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) champions our core values of Leadership, Innovation, Inclusion and Integrity. We embrace diversity of opinions, perspectives, and backgrounds. As health care professionals and educators, we abhor bigotry of any kind, and we are appalled by the blatant racism in our society and violence in our communities. We experience the grief of loss, through the COVID-19 pandemic and through the violence of recent events, and witness that our loss is disproportionately affecting minorities and our colleagues, friends, and family of color.

    We need to carry the banner for fundamental change in our society so that people of all backgrounds and experiences, especially persons of color, know in their hearts that we value their contributions, respect their dignity, and ensure that they can count on equal treatment under the law. We believe it is important to witness and confront current events, to speak the names of the victims. In our various communities, we must act to ensure that the senseless killing of George Floyd and many others before him, will be a catalyst to a just and equitable society.

    ASCO, in partnership with the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) and the National Optometric Association, has arranged to host a timely, special workshop on diversity in optometric education at the October 2020 AAO Conference. Our national public education campaign Optometry Gives Me Life showcases diverse, exceptional professionals as exemplars to prospective students about how a life in optometry can be fulfilling for everyone. We need to do more. We will do more. But today we mourn our loss of communal dignity and commit to a better, more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future.
  • Student Online Clinical Case Education Program

    In response to COVID-19 closures and university mandates suspending classes and moving to remote education, the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) and the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) have launched the Student Online Clinical Case Education Program (SOCCEP).


    SOCCEP brings online clinical case content in the following categories:

    • Anterior Segment
    • Binocular Vision/Pediatrics
    • Contact Lenses
    • Glaucoma
    • Low Vision
    • Neuro-optometry
    • Posterior Segment
    • Peri-Operative Management of Ophthalmic Surgery
    • Refractive Surgery Management
    • Systemic/Ocular Disease


    To access the SOCCEP content, register here.


    Faculty members may also access recordings by going here. ASCO will be updating the site daily with recordings from the previous day.

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