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  • Hi all, Hope you are all doing great! We had some great interactions/correspondence early on and hopefully, you feel that you can reach out to this specific community when you need to.  One thing I was curious about...I teach photometry/radiometry as part of my perception course, but it sounded like most of you do not. Where is photometry/radiometry ...

  • Hello Lei, Thank you for your reply and some references. I will look at those two book chapters to resolve some of my questions. And yes, I totally agree the motion images/videos are one thing that makes teaching the topic more fun/interesting to the students. All the best, Jason ------------------------------ Jason Ng Associate Professor Southern ...

  • Hi, Jason, Sorry for the late response. I had my hands full for the last two months with classes and other commitments. Tom Norton's book has some discussion about the motion perception. A better source is Graham's 1965 book, Vision and Visual Perception. Chapter 20 Perception of Motion is very concise but has some classic data. The book is too early ...

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    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to check in with you all. We had some good initial interest and it was particularly timely and valuable to have Dan/Susana share the software/experiences with Remote2020. Then, AAO meetings and holidays came pretty quickly after. I have made some one-on-one connections and communications with some of you which has been great. ...

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