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Step by step guide to planning your essay

Many people attempting to write the essay dive straight into the essay writing. Their brainstorming and writing parts of the essay run parallel to each other. The outcomes of such essays might be good writing but the fragmented ideas and reasoning. The reader would know from the outlook of the essay and its contents that not much prewriting has been done for the essay. 

Upon review, when the essayists come to find about the drawbacks of such kind of writing, and in their helplessness, they ask others: write my essay. Had they known that essay planning is what separates good essays from the bad ones, they would have invested their time and effort in the prewriting part of the essay.

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Essay prewriting includes gathering ideas, information, and developing a plan for the essay. It is easier to keep track of your essays progress and its strength when you have a plan at hand.

Read the guidelines

The first thing that you should do is to make note of the guidelines of writing set for the essay. You should take note of the word limit and any other parameters defined for your essay. By the end of reviewing the guidelines, you should know which referencing style you should follow and what specific writing you are supposed to follow.

Understand the essay prompt

The essay prompt is the essay question upon which you are to write the essay. In most cases, the prompt doesn’t reveal the type of essay or academic writing for the essay; you will have to decide on your best judgment.

The essay prompt should tell you about the subject matter of the essay to be. You should also look for the various task words that are associated with different types of writings: whether the prompt wants you to write critically, descriptively, or analytically. Identifying the limiting words in the prompt will go on to narrow down the subject matter to you.

Brainstorm for ideas

The essay writer should use the brainstorming techniques of mind mapping. listing, freewriting, or journaling. Each type has its own unique qualities and your choice should depend upon the suitability of each type. You can also use many techniques parallel to each other.

Mind Mapping is the most popular of all the techniques as it allows you to pour the ideas in your mind to form a web of interconnected subjects and ideas. You not only understand the hierarchy of the information but also reveal various relationships between parts. 


The brainstorming session should make you realize the gaps in your information and where you need to focus during your essay research. While doing the research you can add the information to the brainstorming notes. You can also pay for essay for research purpose.

The more advanced the essay the higher authority of the researched information should be. Most of the advanced essays use information in academic journals, articles, and books.

Make sure to note down the references for the information that is used in the essay so you can avoid plagiarism and give references where it is due.

Write down a rough outline

The rough outline doesn’t have to be a properly structured document. It should provide you with an image of what the essay will look and read like. Here you will have to pick out the various salient points from your brainstorming notes and place them in the sequence that you find best. You will make sure that the flow of the information supports the main thesis. 


Don’t hesitate to change the plan according to guideline of paper writing service for the essay as you write along. Most of the pieces fall into the right place once you begin the actual writing. 


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